Saturday, September 19, 2009


I'm taking a new class at Capella for java programming. The class uses an IDE called bluej. Of course, the text explains how to install it on OS X and Windows, but no mention was made of Linux. A little digging found out how to install it on Linux:

First, there are installation instructions for all non-OS X/Windows machine, which involves a straight forward java app instalation:

java -jar ./bluej-252.jar

The app asks for the jdk directory for your system. As a complete java novice, this is where I had to dig a little. For fedora it was /usr/java/jdk[xxx] (where xxx is your version).

Also - one should create a directory for bluej, and the obvious place is /usr/java/bluej

It's trivial, but it would be nice if the install app could figure out the jdk directory for you.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I had an interesting run in with mySQL corruption the other day. At about 1:00AM, under deadline, I was restoring a mySQL dump to a reporting server, when I got a message something like "illegal character '/'"....and the backup died.

I scratch my head, did a new save, copied it to the report server. Same result. Google searches were less than helpful. I started experimenting.

Long story short - the problem was (lightly) corrupted tables.

I went to /var/lib/mysql/[account] and typed: $ mysqlisamchk *.MYI | grep "ld be che" to find the corrupted tables.

I then ran repair table [table] within the mysql shell.

Resaved, and happy days, all was working.

mySQL needs some better error messages.